BISS CH Tabatha's Frazzle

BISS CH Tabatha's Tassel

Tassel and Frazzle

CH Linray's Unfarrgetable

CH Moraine's Malcolm at Zinfndel

CH Dickendall Arnold JH

CH Dickendall Ruffy SH

Dickendall A-Ha

CH Muskelunge Gunago Tigres

CH Tabatha's Tiger at Muskelunge

Muskelunge's Lisas Lady

CH Balrion Tabatha's Far Away

Balrion Out for a Duck

Eng CH Sandyland's Royal Escort

Balrion Bowled Over

Balrion Back from the Brink

Blondella Bally Who

Eng Sh CH Balmurune Psalm of Balrion

BISS CH Tabatha's Dazzle WC

CH Dickendall Arnold JH

CH Dickendall Ruffy SH

Eng Sh CH Am Ch Receiver of Cranspire

CH Moorwood Jewel

Dickendall A-Ha

CH Marshland Blitz

Dickendalls Rose Royce

CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC

CH Driftwood Celebration

CH Sandylands Markwell of Lockerbie

CH Driftwood's Limited Edition

CH Valleywood Kannonball Kate

CH Jayncourt Ajoco Justice

Tassel and Frazzle are the two specialty winning champion sisters that are the foundation of our kennel.  Both girls had OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows and were cerfed yearly.  They were delightful girls to own and show and taught us so very much!!!
They are both sadly missed.